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WSJ on the Gap in Google and the emergence of Q&A

Solid article today at WSJ.com, focused on Quora‘s open launch. Although Quora does indeed speak to a gap in Google, as I read the article I got the sense that even if a Quora or an ideally perfect archive of every imaginable question was out there, there would still be a gap, which might be summed up with the answer to the question: “can someone help me with [subject]?” This is the gap that Replyz speaks to, because our approach is to facilitate not only questions and replies, but live helpful conversations, which is … Continue Reading

Replyz as example of Twitter as platform

In the wake of Danny Sullivan’s piece last week we had a lot of Tweets and Re-Tweets and sign-ups and follows and so forth, and just wanted to thank everyone for trying out Replyz and helping guide the details of its development.

In particular, we wanted to thank Adam DuVander for his kind and insightful write-up at Programmable Web. Adam writes:
Replyz is a great example of Twitter’s potential as a platform. At a time when Twitter’s business decisions are keeping some from investing in the platform, it’s great to see a company creating as much value … Continue Reading

Danny Sullivan’s in-depth article on Replyz

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land renown posted an in-depth article on Replyz today. And he very clearly made the case for what distinguishes Replyz from other Q&A sites. Unlike the traditional online Q&A community, Replyz does not just display questions from its local member base. Rather, Replyz displays a real-time, searchable stream of every well-formed question being asked on the Web, starting with Twitter. Danny put it this way:
People ask friends and followers lots of questions on Twitter. Now a new service called Replyz is making it easy to find all the questions being asked, answers being … Continue Reading