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Replyz as Twitter Q&A Site

Charnita Fance of Social Web Tools wrote a terrific write-up on Replyz today. Thanks Charnita! (Our response is here on her blog.)

Replyz as real-time search engine

Greg Shuey’s write-up on Replyz really homes in on the real-time search side of Replyz, and how it combines with the My Dashboard feature to deliver a real-time stream of questions on the topic(s) you want to focus on. Here’s Greg:
I would classify Replyz, as a real time search engine that delivers questions from individuals who are trying to learn about a particular topic, whether it be a brand or a keyword. Within Replyz, anyone can tap into the real-time stream and monitor keywords, keyphrases, brand names, and just about any thing else being asked on Twitter … Continue Reading

Booksellers meet book buyers on Replyz?

Replyz may serve as a promising tool for booksellers looking for buyers of books in their niche. Sherrie Slopianka of Cadyn Development wrote this piece on Replyz as a tool toward this end. For example, using Replyz conversation search, she quickly found this question from a person on Twitter looking for a good gardening book. Seeing that  Alice Allen sees Replyz as a potential tool for real estate agents who use Twitter, it looks like Replyz could serve a number of groups looking for legitimate leads.

Thanks Sherrie!

A leaderboard to recognize our top contributors

Just went live with a Replyz leaderboard to recognize the top contributors during our beta (and beyond). Special thanks to Kristin TweetsErrol CoderSubyMahadevan, Stan, Jeff Ratcliff, Rockies Revenge, Hayzlenut, tkimsey, mwoermannrn, Elijahat360 and Muttzrus!

Congratulations everyone, and thanks for reaching out and doing your best to help so many people out there.