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Real-time search that goes all the way back

Eric Rumsey of Seeing the Picture posts that Twitter search is only extending back five days now, while it used to extend back at least ten. I wasn’t aware of that specific drop in half, but I had noticed in the last few days that after paging back in Twitter search results, I often hit a dead end, generally on page four or five or so with: “We’re givin’ ya all she’s got, Captain! Please wait a moment and try again.” I figured it was just like the fail wail, but now I wonder if this is … Continue Reading

Comparing Google Realtime & Replyz

Google just launched Google Realtime to mixed reviews. Frank Reed of Marketing Pilgrim is less than bowled over by it:
If Twitter can get unwieldy all by itself just how much clarity can be brought to something when you dogpile all Internet data options into one place?
Read his full review.

With Replyz, we avoid the unfiltered firehose Frank is wary of in favor of a filtered stream of well-formed conversation starters (questions in particular) that are triggering helpful conversations on the Web right now.  If you compare the searchable Replyz stream with any search on Google Realtime, you … Continue Reading

Twitter, Replyz & proactive customer service

Ayan Sen of TwitNine spells out the power of Twitter as a proactive customer service platform. We’re finding a lot of people using Twitter or Replyz to reach out to people on Twitter asking about their company, product, expertise or brand. They’re not waiting for their customers to ask them a question directly. They’re finding questions from their customers on Twitter and proactively answering them. Here’s a Q&A session b/w ComcastBonnie (an official Comcast employee answering questions about Comcast through Twitter) and a Comcast customer with a question.

Twitter alone doesn’t capture these Q&A conversations all in one … Continue Reading

Real time search and Replyz

Pandia recently listed its top 5 real-time search engines. We’ve had a number of sites refer to Replyz as a real-time search engine, and there’s no doubt that it is, but with a twist on two levels. First, Replyz is focused on helpful conversations in general, and Q&A-conversations in particular. Second, and this is the difference not only between Replyz and the standard real-time search model, but between Replyz and any search model out there — Replyz lets you respond to the search result (in our case, the question), by adding a real-time reply that goes right … Continue Reading

Q&A: an Unexplored Dimension

Mark Suster points out the virtues of Quora, which has been getting a lot of press, a lot of early-adopter usage and a lot of funding. He makes a strong, solid case for them. Clearly, Quora  is a rising force for good in community Q&A and social search. It has tremendously trustworthy people using and backing it. And the team coming out of Facebook knows what they’re doing. Quora definitely speaks to the next generation of community Q&A, which places Q&A squarely in a social networking and trust framework, and aims for an outstanding archive of quality Q&A threads.

Yet … Continue Reading

New feature: keeping conversations alive

We’re now sorting all lists of questions, including the all conversations page, the search results page and the My dashboard page by “last updated.” This means that when a question gets a new reply that question will now appear at to the top of the list,  where everyone can see it. This keeps conversations alive that may otherwise get buried by the influx of new questions. Of course, a new question counts as an “update” too, so the very latest conversation, whether its a brand new question or a question with a brand new reply, will appear at the … Continue Reading

New features on Replyz: LIKE IT and FLAG IT

As always, we kept it mercifully simple.  Here are the basics:

  • Be logged in
  • Click LIKE below any reply that you like
  • Number of LIKES a reply has received, if any, will appear directly below the reply
  • Total number of LIKES a particular user’s replies have received will appear on their Replyz profile

You can also click FLAG IT below any reply to flag it for moderator review (as potentially abusive or otherwise in violation of the Replyz TOS).

And we’re certainly planning to bake in the ratings/like feature into user reputation and recognition  in other ways soon.