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Replyz, TECH Cocktail & Real-time Q&A

We just wanted to thank everyone that came out to TECH CockTail DC last night and gave the new Replyz a test drive. And of course Frank Gruber and Eric Olsen for inviting us. Btw, here’s a snippet from Frank’s article on us last week:
… new Q&A products and forums have been popping up like dandelions in an open meadow lately… But what about real-time Q&A? That’s where Replyz fits into the landscape. Replyz is a DC area startup that looks to tap into the real-time stream that’s all around us, making questions … Continue Reading

Beyond the Firehose

Kevin Anderson at Strange Attractor envisions a new generation of real-time Web filters that will not simply search the firehose.
I think search-based filters such as Google Realtime are only part of the answer. Many of the first generation real-time search engines help filter the firehose… but it’s often difficult to understand the provenance of the information… I think we are now seeing new and better ways ways to filter for relevant information beyond the search box.
We’re essentially aiming to be one of those second-generation filters ourselves. Replyz scans the real-time Web for well-formed questions and conversation starters, and … Continue Reading

Replyz: the live conversation engine

Grant Olsen at PMI published a conversation with Allen this week surrounding Replyz, where we’re headed and what makes us unique. At a time when the Web is bursting at the seams with Q&A sites,  the question of uniqueness is the most critical, so reposting the response here:
Q&A sites and silos are popular now. Real-time search engines are popular now. But what you don’t see are real-time Q&A engines or live conversation engines. Imagine if you could ask the real-time Web questions as readily as you enter searches into Google, and instead of getting search results, you get … Continue Reading

Swingly, answer aggregation and a real-time dimension

Anthony Ha of VentureBeat posts on the power of answer aggregation in the context of Swingly’s recent launch. Swingly’s query-engine is indeed impressive. At one level it’s reminiscent of earlier generation answer-engines like Answerbus.com. On the other hand, Swingly is clearly breaking new ground as a second-generation answer-engine with a solid team and a powerful algorithm. Replyz also does answer aggregation, but the heart of the service is actually complementary to answer-engines like Swingly. We pull in real-time questions and conversations from across the real-time Web (such as Twitter) and let people jump in and respond … Continue Reading